The KEILAS initiative is a non-governmental organisation (NGO), meant for young girls with the aim of mentoring, training and empowering them to become noble women living productive lives without compromising. It is a duly registered TRUSTEE with CAC Nigeria. The initiative seeks to achieve its aim through the following:
  • Reaching out to girls at an early stage of teenagehood (catch them young)
  • Giving them the right information about themselves and the society they are in
  • Providing counselling & mentoring support in various aspects of their lives
  • Empowering them with right tools and information to help them make right decisions and take right actions at every point of their lives.
  • Giving right support, counsel and therapy to the abused, even if it entails legal action. Offering them guidance in career and entrepreneuship

    This we do with the aim to catch them early, help them to build solid foundation of ALL ROUND PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT before they become full adult. It is where we visit them, especially in schools, give them hope and shoulder to lean on, and pursue their destiny. It is also a platform where we meet with the abused/ molested ones, counsel them & help them to build up back their self esteem. It is also a platform made for people & organisations that are better positioned in the society, to touch the lives of these underserved girls with their substances with the aim of building bridges for destiny fulfillment. The keilas initiative is a product of the founder’s passion for the development of the female gender. It came through to her as a God given vision in the month of June, 2010. She earnestly started taking actions informally as "SETTLED CLUB", and was already impacting lives of young girls Later, in the year 2015, the initiative was formally registered as a trustee. Since then, we have been impacting girls' lives through our teachings in various schools, seminaries we do organise for them outside school environment and humanitarian act we do extend to them even during these seminars. Such as; * Free Dental screening. * Free medical screening (Blood grp, genotype test & rhesus factor) * Free shopping. (Where we organise wears free for them)



    Being focused on our drive, during our interaction with them in their various schools, we understood that there is serious need to empower them academically. This propelled us into "Free tutorial" program we do on Saturdays, for them. This we set in action under the umbrella of; ACADEMICS EMPOWERMENT FOR GIRLS (ACEG) Other responsibilities for this unit of KIMTEYG are; * Assisting them with furtherance of their study through financial support * Seeking for scholarship aid for them where and when necessary * Helping them in choice-making over career * Follow up even in tertiary study for assurance of their well being, academically


    This is another unit we created for skills empowerment for the girls. We've come to understand that main thing by which a girl child is being molested is "Her inability to sort/solve her problems, especially where fund is involve." This becomes a loophole in their lives. So we created this unit as a way of impacting them and helping them to discover their potentials, get trained and invest it for their sustenance. Another unit that will soon come into action is the Internship program. This is where we'll like to help them that are already in higher institutions and universities to be engaged while on holidays. Our aim is to help them practice the teachings in school, get acquainted with their field of profession, and also build their curriculum vitae as at the time she's done with study. KIMTEYG passion is just to build productive women that will impact their community, nation and the world at large. Join hands with us to make this dream a reality.


    To empower today's girls to become virteously productive through godly moral and value


    Building women of nobility that will become agents of positive change through; Mentoring, Teaching/Training, Counselling and thorough Empowerment.




    Citadel of Glory Unleashed potential Gift of enrichment Endowed with great value I AM D KEILA.