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    Welcome To Kimteyg

    The Journey to impacting teen Girls
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    Empowered girls today...

    Noble Women Tomorrow.
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    The joy in their heart...

    All we work to acheive.

Core Values


Juvenile delinquency has become a thing of concern among the youths particularly the young girls. This, we know is a threat to Humanity because of the fact that our population grows rapidly on daily basis without our national economy being on the same page of growth with it. This has lead many into lack, frustration and depression. Our youths, in order not to fall victim, have mostly diverted into all sorts of acts which are not all healthy to our society and our nation at large. Those who felt being FAILURES/ABANDONED are taken their lives through suicide. Young girls have become more vulnerable and unattended to.

KIMTEYG is that platform created by a woman with passion for teenagers, especially the young girls (both single & married), to mentor, teach and empower them in all aspect of life.

This we do with aim of training the underserved girls to become;

  • Self- developed
  • Self- improved
  • Self- Nurtured
  • Highly productive.
  • Vison